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My method for getting profitable traffic is to first identify prospects who have an intention to buy. Next, find out where these prospects can be targeted online. Then, only show ads to these prospects who have buyer intent.


The email capture funnels I use generate high levels of trust with my prospects. Why? There are two reasons. (1) High trust funnels generate the greatest ROI. (2) High trust funnels generate the most profitable email lists.


The following strategy is most profitable for me: Promote only deadline-driven, high ticket, webinar and product launch offers. Plus, to ensure maximum profits, only promote for “Michael Jordan” level advertisers.

Million Dollar Niches:

In Training #1, I reveal the top 10 niches that generate the highest sales and profits for email list builders and marketers. These niches give us the highest likelihood of success.

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Buyer Prospects:

In Training #2, I reveal how I target BUYER prospects and not non-buyer prospects. This strategy is the core reason behind my success in winning high-stakes launches.

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Product Launches:

In Training #3, I reveal where I get HUNDREDS of webinar and product launches to promote. These are offers that are created by “Michael Jordan” level advertisers online.

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Ad Templates:

In Training #4, I reveal the exact Facebook ad templates I use to build high profit email lists. Email lists of people who open, click, sign up for and purchase the offers I recommend.

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Trust Funnels:

In Training #5, I reveal the exact email capture funnels I use. These funnels generate maximum trust with my prospects. The more trust I have with my list, the greater my conversions.

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What Experts Are Saying:

“Caleb is one of the top marketers in the world.”

—Joe Schriefer

“Rarely have I come across somebody who can make as much as Caleb.”

—Matt Bacak

“I’ve never seen the kind of conversions Caleb is able to generate.”

—Rich Schefren

“Caleb’s methods are the best. I’m now pulling 12x to 14x on ad spend.”

—Jon Benson

“I’ve made over $2.5 million in extra sales following Caleb’s advice.”

—Allen Baler

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